A designer, who sees dots, lines, and shapes in everything, a visual thinker, a storyteller using words as well as images, and creating structure emphasis through the layout and typography.

Believe in great ideas and words.

Being in the media and advertising industry for 19 years, I can say a lot has changed ( in a good sense), thoroughly I have worked with many designers, developers, photographers and I personally believe in team growth and criticizing someone in such a way that does not result in demotivation.

My strong suite includes branding, visual identity design, UI/UX design, create digital content, advertising, print collaterals, and the creation of branded digital experiences.

In summary: I am still on the path of learning as it never ends. A humble person who sees the humor in everything.

Brand Purpose
Brand Positioning
Brand Naming
Brand Architecture
Brand Refresh
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Visual Expression
Tone of Voice
Book Design
Exhibition Graphics
UI/UX Design


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